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Connection with Sygic

Hello, I read in MyRoute-app function headlines that this application could be used in combination with Sygic for Android. But I could not find any way to export routes defined within MR-a to Sygic (or to import them from Sygic). Could you please help me in this area? It's pretty urgent, as I plan to leave for travelling in the coming days. I would mostly appreciate to combine benefits from MyRoute together with Sygic ones (traffic, warnings, speed limits,...) Thanks in advance for any guidance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour, J'ai lu dans la présentation des fonctions de MyRoute-app que cette application pouvait être utilisée en conjonction avec Sygic pour Android. Seulement je ne trouve aucun moyen d'exporter vers Sygic des routes définies dans MR-a. Pourriez-vous donc m'aider dans ce domaine, svp ? Ce point est un peu urgent, devant prendre la route dans quelques jours.... J'aimerais vraiment pouvoir combiner les avantages de MyRoute-app avec ceux de Sygic (infors trafic, alertes, limites de vitesse). Merci d'avance pour toute aide ou conseil que vous pourrez m'apporter sur ce point (en français ou en anglais).

Hi Francois Mayolle,

I've replied to your ticket on this matter already! In case you missed it, here is the copy-paste:

Hi Francois Mayolle,

It's unfortunate to hear of your issue regarding your TomTom device. From the information you've given i have a feeling that we can find a solution for that matter. Could you state which type of TomTom you have? Also could you make sure that your TomTom is updated to the latest software version? I'll keep this ticket open so feel free to contact me on the TomTom matter again so we can figure out a solution for you.

Now onto Sygic. I think the best course of action here is me giving you a step by step description on how to get Sygic tot work on your smartphone:

1. Download both Sygic and MyRoute-app on your smartphone. Also make sure both are up-to-date in firmware versions.

2. Open the MyRoute-app (application) on your smartphone.

3. Press 'Start'. In the next screen select the desired route you would like to travel.

4. On the top side of your screen you will see a white bar with the name of your route. In the top right corner you can see 3 buttons (arrow pointing to the upper right, a bed and a star), press the arrow that is pointing to the top right.

5. You'll now get the pop-up screen for Sygic. Press "Sygic (max 47 waypoints)" to start up Sygic.

After these steps follow the instructions that Sygic gives you. Your route will be loaded in Sygic automatically. If there are any more complications, feel free to contact me again.

Kind Regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support


with the new update impossible to go the route on sygic

on the top of the bar with the name of the route no pop up for sygic

told me how to do please

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