Currently it is not yet possible to make a winding route in the Navigation app. The developers are doing everything they can to add this feature as soon as possible. But luckily there already is a way as MyRoute-app Gold user to get winding routes in your Navigation app.

You can do that by following these steps.

- Open the route-editor on

- Switch the map to TomTom.
- Make the route by placing the routepoints where you want. 

- When you have done this, open the toolkit menu and expand the amount of routepoints. You can do that by clicking 'expand'. 

    (make sure that there are quite a lot of routepoints, but don't exaggerate.)

- Now click on the toolkit and set the windingness to high.

- Now change the map to HERE/Garmin. You have to do this because this is the map which is used by the MyRoute-app Navigation app.

- Do a final check and see if the route doesn't consist of very odd exits or something similar. 

Now close the route and open it in the Navigation app.

Now you have a route with high windingness in your MyRoute-app Navigation app!